Internal communication

As a brand strategy achievement, for itself, for big institutions or sports clubs.

    Internal communication


    As a brand strategy achievement, for itself (conventions, seminars, etc.), for big institutions or sports clubs, the specialized Quarterback teams can take your event in charge, totally, or partially :

    – Overall operational planning
    – Implementation and arrangement
    – Complete logistic
    – Security, healthcare, aid, evacuation
    – Transportation, transfers
    – Catering and accomodation
    – Ticketing
    – Media coverage through all the channels
    – Press and public relations
    – Marketing and partnership

    Danoners World Cup

    The Danoners Worls Cup is an internatonal internal sports event of the Danone Group and it is absolutely unique. It is organised like a real Football World Cup, but only for Danone employees and was rewarded by a “Golden Pheonix”  in the “Internal Event” category by the UDA ( ” Union des Annonceurs ” ) in 1998. This sports competition is divided by geographic stages and by BU (waters, baby food, diary products and medical food).

    Finals are organised for each BU and country where the Danone Group is present (+62 countries and/or clusters). 17.655 participants were counted worldwide in 2016. An international gathering with all the national participants, of each country (+18.000 persons) takes place at the end of all the National Finals. This leads to 3 Tournaments: a men’s competition, a women’s competition and a mixte one. 

      DWC 1

    In parallel of this sports part, other tools are used to mobilise employees around the event: Photo competition, supporter contest, internal animations such as betting, dedicated digital applications, website, raffle, etc.

    The event is about sport, but not only! From now on, parties and various multi-cultural meetings are put in place to gather the Danone staff from all over the world. In 2010, the event changes its name, from Danone World Cup to the Danoners World Cup.

    The World Final of the Danoners World Cup takes place every 2 years, around the Globe (1998 Paris, 2000 Evian, 2002 Madrid, 2004 Marbella, 2006 Lisboa, 2008 Miami, 2010 Athena, 2012 Tokyo, 2014 Paris again, and Barcelona in 2016).

    Quarterback is the delegated agency in charge of the complete and general organisation of the event, under the supervision of the Internal and External Communication Direction of the Danone Group: 

    – Global and moving concept
    – General concept, recruiting and internal communicaion
    – General coordination of the event (sites, competitions, rules, logistic, transportations, accomodations, diners, parties, etc.).

    The Danone World Cup will celebrate its 11th edition in 2016 and contributes, year after year, to the Danone group image, but also helps reinforce the belonging feelings of the staff.  

    Challenge Carmignac Gestion

    Organisation of a sports seminar for Carmignac Gestion, an internal company event which gathers 250 European employees of this financial institution. It takes place at the Standard Athelic Club of Meudin (Paris). Quarterback manages the implementation and the sports animations, in collaboration with sports professionals for each discipline. The team also puts the diner and party in place.