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Quarterback agency organised 3 main events: Les Masters de Pétanque, the Trophée des Villes and the Trophée L’Equipe (in partnership with press group L’Equipe) since 2017.

Événements télévisés de pétanque

Thanks to a huge experience, Quarterback knows how to organise petanque televised events.


Les Masters de Pétanque

Les Masters de Pétanque is a major event in the petanque world. The tournament celebrates its 20th year and it’s a very good competition with an exceptional plateau composed of the best national and international current players worldwide.


The event consists of 7 stages and a final which will take place in Istres on 4th September 2018.

Carte étapes Masters de Pétanque

In every stage, 8 teams will compete:  the 7 teams of the summer tour and the team composed of the best players who represent the stopover city. At the end of the stages, a ranking is created in order to determine the best 4 teams which will be in competition and participate in the final four in Istres.



Teams will be compete against in the Masters de Pétanque 2018, see more on

We can add that in the event Les Masters de Pétanque another competition intended for 8 – 15 year-old children (members of a sports federation or not) is organised with lots of rewards. The national final of the Youth Masters de Pétanque will take place in Nevers on 30th August, 2018.


An exceptional sponsor petanque star called Dylan Rocher will arouse vocations among children who will spend a good time with this international petanque star.



Le Trophée des Villes

Trophée des Villes

Print of the Trophée des Villes 2018,


Le Trophée des Villes is another petanque broadcast event organised by Quarterback. Now the 18th edition will take place from 22 to 25 November 2018 in Montluçon.


The best 32 teams in France composed of the best French players will compete for 4 days for the final victory  of the Trophée des Villes.


Last year in Autun, it was the city of Draguignan (83) which won the best prize against the city of Albi (81). 



Le Trophée L’Equipe

Le Trophée L'Équipe


Based on the success of the first 2017 edition, the partnership between the Channel L’Equipe and Quarterback gets stronger in order to propose a second edition of the Trophée L’Equipe.


Here are a few numbers :

  • 7 nations
  • 2 legendary teams
  • 6 high-level competition days
  • 6 titles to win
  • 84 TV programs


This second edition of the Trophée L’Equipe will take place in the Tour’s bowling pitch from 9th to 14th October, 2018 with the best worldwide players.


Every participating country selected one women’s team and one men’s team.

The French team- one of the favourite ones- will compete against Cambodia, Denmark, Italy, Madagascar, Thailand and Tunisia.  


What’s going to change for this second edition is that 2 legendary teams (one male  team and one female team) composed of the players who made the history  of petanque.


Diego Rizzi, l’italien, vainqueur de la compétition individuel hommes 2017.

Diego Rizzi, italian who won the males individual tournament