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Quarterback just became the official hospitality agent for the 24 Hours of le Mans !

It is official, Quarterback is, since last week, the Official Hospitality Agency of the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

We are pleased to add this new product to our hospitality calendar. Firstly, because this will diversify our offer: it is indeed the first time Quarterback associates its name with a motor sport, and secondly because the renown of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is international. 

Therefore, book now to attend the 24 Hours of Le Mans from June 13th to the 17th, to be sure not to miss the 86th edition of the most famous endurance auto race in the World.

What are the reasons of this race’s fame?

First and foremost, as its name says, the race is 24 hours long! Thus, it’s an endurance test as much for the pilots than for the cars, which are examined piece by piece in order to resist 24 consecutive hours at full speed. This is also why this circuit has become a real testing lab to push new auto technologies to the limits and improve the auto sport and the auto industry in general. Numerous technologies we can enjoy today in our car, have been first developed for the 24 Hours circuit… 
As a spectator, it is the only sports event that offers a 24 hours non-stop immersion, night included, into competition. Hospitality areas are consequently open from 9am Saturday to 5pm Sunday. But, before the 24 Hours race, the free practices and the qualifications beat the pace of a whole week of festivities and competition, that the real fans are sure to live thoroughly:

  • Animations inside and outside the track
  • Festive atmosphere but also ultra competitive,
  • Many occasions to rub shoulders with the actors of the race,
  • Pilots’s parade in town,
  • Discovering of the automobile competition’s world,
  • Immersive experiences and unique show, the 24 Hours of Le Mans guarantee you an unforgettable emotional lift.

Next, the renown of the race goes through its track layout. Its route is more than 13 kms long, takes long public-road portions, including a 6 kms straight line, and count many blends, which became famous, like the Tertre Rouge’s blend or the Indianapolis’s blend

All in all, and above all, this race is mostly defined by its sport concept: human challenge, team spirit, constant suspens and presence of the biggest auto constructors, mark its history.

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